New Column up at OC87 Recovery Diaries

Hey Guys,
Over the last several months I’ve been working on a new column on living with schizophrenia over at OC87 Recovery Diaries. Feel free to check it out if you like my work and thank you all so much for following along!!

Here’s the link:


  1. Hello Mike,

    I just want to applaud your article on the OC87 journal; I think your story is incredible, and it is one I can very much relate to.

    I was diagnosed very late as Bipolar 1 with PTSD almost ten years ago, and have struggled with controlling my thoughts, actions and mental state for a very long time until treatment and recovery finally took place. The stigma against mental illness is fierce, and I feel like a survivor, but a survivor that still struggles nonetheless.

    Your article takes so much negativity and ignorance that exists and sheds light on the true experience of this sort of suffering, while proving the point that incredible talent can come from such adversity.

    Congratulations on your continued success, and I wish you the best in your personal recovery as I continue to embark on my own path as well.


    Eve Ellis-Carlson

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