What To Do About Burn Out

We all know what it feels like when you’ve had enough. It’s that listless weary feeling of not wanting to proceed but knowing that you have to.

Some refer to it as ennui others simply call it burn out.

It happens when the stress of performing a certain task overrides its enjoyment and it can take place in every facet of your life, from your job, to your home life to your relationships.

Many people have trouble with burn out when they feel tired or obligated about something. The truth is, everyone has things they might not enjoy doing but are required to do to maintain their current life situation.

What to do about burn out though? There are several methods that help.

  1. Take some time to yourself

Removing distractions for a short time and learning to relax can take you out of the burn out situation for however long you need. Whether it’s meditation, taking a nap, sitting down with a good book or just laying on your couch with soft music playing, taking a break and taking time for yourself to unwind can work wonders on the feeling of burn out.

  1. Take a walk

Exercise has proven to be beneficial not only for physical health but also for mental health boosting serotonin and dopamine and creating a calming experience for those who exercise regularly. There’s also something about getting out in nature that seems to relax you.  It also gives you ample time to think and go over the things that are bothering you. Maybe you can come up with a solution.

It doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise either, just getting out and taking a walk can prove to ease the feeling of burn out and improve your outlook on things, even if just for a bit.

  1. Treat Yourself

Whether it’s a couple of beers on a Friday night or a good dinner and a movie or a little shopping trip, treating yourself well and letting go of the burdens of work and money if only just for a night can be a great way to relieve burn out. Whatever indulgences you have, don’t be afraid to use them if you feel like things are going down hill. Of course moderation is key, you don’t want to get burnt out on your favorite things.

  1. Get a good sleep

One of the major benefits of a good sleep is the seemingly magic way it melts away stress. There’s nothing like waking up feeling refreshed and rested to give you the boost you need to deal with whatever life has in store. If sleep is a problem you may want to consult your doctor about different sleep aid options. There truly is nothing better for restoring a restless soul than a good night’s sleep though.

Keep in mind that these are all temporary fixes that can help in the short term. If the problem persists it may be time to re-evaluate things and make some life changes that have been waiting in the wings for a while. The easiest way to avoid burn out is to enjoy what you do. It may be time to seek that out if things are dire.

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