Saying No to Things

We’re all faced with choices every single day of our lives. We’re also faced with numerous opportunities. These choices and opportunities come in questions from our friends, loved ones and colleagues. Some opportunities have incredible potential to take us places we could’ve never imagined and some are just everyday opportunities like going to the bar with some friends.

This is all fine and good but the problem with a multitude of choices is the fact that to some, we’re inevitably going to have to say no.

Sometimes something big comes along that could mean a fat paycheck or recognition, something you’ve always wanted. Initially you say yes but as you get further into it you realize what a burden this new project is going to be.

For me it’s the choice of either rewriting my book to an agent’s specifications and potentially selling it for thousands of dollars or staying where I am in life struggling a bit with money but essentially comfortable with everything I need.

The choice is whether to take on this huge project that could take years and load on the burden of stress I’ll feel about that or to continue with life as it is without the added stress but also without the potential of one day having things be much better.

The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes these choices come along in life and it’s perfectly acceptable to say no. I guess I’m writing this as much to justify it to myself as I am to instruct but the fact remains, you have to be comfortable with your life and if taking something huge on is going to overwhelm you and possibly lead to complications with stress down the line, it’s ok to say no.

This is especially true for someone with mental illness where stress in and of itself can be a major trigger.

You have to be conscious of what could happen if you take on something that is going to overwhelm you.

I know it can be exciting when the potential for fame, fortune and perceived happiness are on the line but is all that worth a potential breakdown in the process?

The fact of the matter is, whatever you decide, if you choose to say no or if you choose to say yes, either option is perfectly acceptable. Whatever happens, you will still be the same person you’ve always been and life will essentially be the same it’s always been. There’s literally nothing that has the potential to change your life that significantly.

Life moves in waves and it’s true that when one door closes another opens so although you may have regrets, there are always other options. That fact alone makes it much easier to live with your choices and accept them as perfectly rational. Sure you may come back to the idea that you could’ve had it all at some point down the line and you may feel guilty for giving up an opportunity but as time passes it will get easier and you’ll get more comfortable. Who’s to say an even better opportunity won’t come at some point down the line either? You never know what life has in store and if you work hard, focus on the good things and persevere amazing things will happen.

As for me I still haven’t decided whether or not to take on the huge task of re-writing my book but with every passing day I’m getting more and more comfortable with the fact that whatever happens, it won’t be the end of things.

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